Beautiful & full of monsters

Are you one of those people whose brain switches into another gear when you come across a good story?  To the point where, when you come back to yourself, you feel like you’ve been away a very long time and everything around you has changed?  That feeling for me is so unique to getting lost in a book and so evocative of some of the greatest memories of my life.  I’m excited to try to replicate that feeling for others at our & back again experiences!

We are in love with stories.  Books, music, films, eavesdropping in pubs, meeting people on the train, art, wine and history are packed with them.  Whether real or apocryphal, they stimulate something human in us and enrich our lives in the retelling. 

So far we’ve told many stories - winemakers avoiding earthquakes while pruning on Santorini, Patti Smith meeting Lou Reed for the first time, a little girl with polio and dreams of being an Olympic athlete, Elizabeth I living inside Mount Etna, trouble, strife, adversity, love and monsters.  And Buffy.

Our first proper adventure will be with our good friends at Abbotshill Wine & Deli in Ealing.  As part of their Wit, Wine and Wisdom season revolving around Women and Wine, we’re hosting Five Rebel Wines for Five Rebel Women.  An evening of exploration and celebration fuelled by provocative and inspiring wines.  Stories of unsung heroines - tales of passion, power and perseverance.  Link for tickets is here:

The world needs stories, whether they free you or tangle you up, confuse you or help you make sense, they embody our inherent human ability to imagine.  Revel in it, let it bump you along, come and join us, listen to our stories and tell your own, have a glass and immerse yourself in words and visions. 

We take you there & back again.

Bryony Smyth